April 14, 2022


MONTRÉAL, April 14, 2022 – As travel demand continues to progress, VIA Rail Canada (VIA Rail) is pursuing its gradual service resumption plan and is pleased to be returning most of its services across the country by the end of June 2022.

“This is a celebratory and crucial milestone in our service resumption plan after an incredibly challenging two years,” said Cynthia Garneau, President and Chief Executive Officer. “We look forward to welcoming more of our customers back on board our trains and doing our part to encourage Canadians and tourists to get out and explore this beautiful country for the summer travel season.”

VIA Rail’s objective has always been the safe resumption of services when conditions allowed it, and we are pleased to offer our passengers more options this summer with service resumption from coast to coast.


(*Specific dates are subject to change slightly as VIA Rail is currently finalizing details, including access to the infrastructure.) (VIA Rail’s Winnipeg-Churchill route will continue to operate its full three frequencies per week as it has since the beginning of the pandemic)
April 29th*       The Canadian      2 full frequencies    
June 3rd* The Ocean 3 full frequencies
June 9th* Québec City - Windsor Corridor Additional frequencies across the Corridor
June 10th* Jasper - Prince Rupert 3 full frequencies
June 14th* Sudbury - White River 3 full frequencies
June 29th* Montreal - Senneterre 3 full frequencies
June 29th* Montreal - Jonquière 3 full frequencies


Throughout the pandemic our decision to add frequencies has been based on various factors, including demand, and continuing to employ a balanced approach in order to fulfill VIA Rail’s important public service mandate and manage financial impacts.

Throughout this crisis, the health and safety of our passengers and employees have always been our top priority. The Corporation will revise its service offering in line with the latest developments if necessary.

Existing safety measures implemented by VIA Rail in response to COVID-19 remain in effect. Those include, amongst others, a mask wearing policy on our trains and mandatory vaccination required by the federal government.

The train remains one of the safest ways to travel this summer and we are pleased to be offering our passengers more frequencies and more flexibility.



Wearing a mask is required at all times in VIA Rail’s stations and on-board VIA Rail trains. For the health and safety of all passengers and employees, passengers who do not wear a mask during their trip will be required to disembark the train or will be refused entry upon boarding.

Furthermore, VIA Rail asks that passengers stay informed of public health guidelines and respect those that apply to them and their travel plans, including mandatory vaccination. The Corporation also constantly reminds its passengers and employees of the importance of following recommendations from public health authorities and to rigorously follow good hygiene practices (wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, cough or sneeze into a tissue or the bend of the arm, avoid touching their eyes, nose or mouth without first washing their hands).

Passengers will be denied boarding if they are experiencing symptoms similar to a cold or flu (fever, cough, difficulty breathing) or if they have been denied boarding for travel in the last 14 days due to medical reasons related to COVID-19.

The most recent updates are available on VIA Rail’s website.