April 3, 2023


MONTRÉAL, April 3, 2023 – Since the unveiling of its sustainability plan in April 2022, VIA Rail Canada (VIA Rail) has made steady progress towards its objective to offer a zero-waste experience on its new Corridor fleet by 2025 by focusing on the reduction of packaging and materials in Business and Economy classes and the improvement of waste collection on board its trains and in its facilities.

As we are determined to have an immediate impact on our overall waste reduction, improvements that can be applied on the existing fleet will be implemented right away. As such, our passengers can already experience various changes related to packaging and plastic use on our current Corridor fleet.

Amongst key changes recently implemented as part of its journey towards offering a zero-waste experience on its new Corridor fleet, VIA Rail:

  • Changed plastic cups, resulting in a 25% decrease in plastic use;
  • Reduced sandwich packaging, one of our top-selling products, saving the equivalent of more than six tons of waste annually in Economy class;
  • Completed in-class training of more than 70% of employees working on board trains to improve recycling and prepare for zero-waste objective.


“The key changes recently implemented are just the beginning of our zero-waste journey and we are pleased that our customers are already able to see improvements on our current fleet as we progress towards our objective of offering a zero-waste experience on our new Corridor fleet by 2025,” says Rita Toporowski, Chief Customer Officer. “Determined to embed sustainability in every aspect of our operations, our zero-waste initiative exemplifies the vision we have for VIA Rail as a sustainable, modern and accessible mode of transportation.”

Furthermore, adding to the reusable cutlery and dishware used in Business class on our current fleet, VIA Rail will also use reusable glassware and water pitchers instead of plastic as each new Corridor train enters service.  This change which is enabled by the configuration of the new fleet, will allow for a reduction of plastic bottles used in Business class of more than two tons annually.

The full list of changes recently implemented as part of our zero-waste objective is available on our website.

VIA Rail’s sustainability plan focuses on governance, social and environmental pillars which will allow the Corporation to reduce its environmental footprint, enhance its role as a responsible transportation provider and create lasting value for present and future generations. Continuously determined to be part of the solution in creating a more sustainable Canada, VIA Rail is on board for good.

For more information on VIA Rail’s sustainability plan, click here.