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Please review the details below before filling in the application:

  1. To be eligible for the Media Travel Program, your request needs to be received at least 60 days before requested departure.
  2. Traditional media (print, web, radio and TV) and travel blogs will be given priority.
  3. VIA Rail will not process an application if reservations have already been made.
  4. VIA Rail does not provide discounts or upgrades for a media trip.
  5. VIA Rail does not provide accommodations (i.e. hotel and other expenses), only transportation within its network.
  6. VIA Rail does not accept applications for the following period: Thanksgiving weekend, Civic Holiday (in August) and the holiday season (mid-December to mid-January).

Upon reception,  your application will be processed within the next 15 business days.

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  • 2 Media information
  • 3 Project information
  • 4 Travel information
  • 5 Conditions
  • 6 Confirmation

 Step 1: Applicant information

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Format : 555-666-7777