July 11, 2023


London, July 11, 2023 – VIA Rail Canada (VIA Rail) today announced over $25 million in upgrades to its London, Ontario station. Once completed in 2025, these investments will make the station – one of the busiest in VIA Rail’s network – a more comfortable, more accessible, and more efficient station and will improve the passenger experience in London.


“At VIA Rail, we are continuing to transform the way Canadians travel from reservation to destination, and this includes our stations,” said Rita Toporowski, VIA Rail’s Chief Customer Officer. “The investments in this station will allow us to enhance the customer experience in London, and also demonstrate the commitment of VIA Rail to continue being a key member of the London community,” she adds. 


By improving installations and placing a focus on hiring local contractors for the renovations, VIA Rail aims to contribute to regional economic development. Additionally, the station upgrades will foster opportunities for commercial real estate space and local businesses.


Upon completion, VIA Rail will have invested over $25M in upgrades. The nature of the upgrades varies from necessary civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical work to retrofitting and rehabilitating core building systems and services. This work on the station is planned in four phases:

  • Phase I – Civil and structural upgrades (already completed)

  • Phase II – Building envelope refurbishment (already completed)

  • Phase III – Passenger platform replacement (contract to be awarded summer 2023)

  • Phase IV – Interior and base building services refurbishments (contract to be awarded fall 2023)


In addition to making the customer experience more comfortable, these investments will make London’s station more sustainable and accessible. The new platforms will meet the latest accessibility standards and new doors and paths giving full accessibility access into the building have already been upgraded during Phase I construction.


Renovations are also in line with federal government initiatives, such as the Greening Government Strategy and the Horizontal Fixed Asset Review.  


VIA Rail is steadfast on its modernization and in addition to this station upgrade, VIA Rail announced yesterday the groundbreaking on construction at its Toronto Maintenance Centre (TMC). The TMC will be the home base for the maintenance of VIA Rail's new fleet which will operate in the Québec City-Windsor corridor.


Additional Quotes:

“Our government is committed to passenger rail. Today's announcement is good news for the people of London. In addition to contributing to a better experience, it will create well-paying jobs in the region and ensure that more people choose the train – a greener option.” 

The Honourable Omar Alghabra

Minister of Transport


“The upgrades announced today are a welcome addition to the London VIA Rail station. In particular, the new platforms will provide a better experience for travellers and the fact that they will be fully accessible is important as well. I want to thank VIA and welcome continued efforts to improve its rail service in London.”

Peter Fragiskatos

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of National Revenue and Member of Parliament for London North Centre


“London is a rapidly growing community, and it is important that VIA Rail is growing with us. The improvements announced today are a key investment into our changing transportation needs, modernizing passenger rail travel in London to make the experience more accessible and efficient for travellers in our city.”

Arielle Kayabaga

Member of Parliament for London West


“The modernization of the VIA station will provide significant benefit to London and region. As the local demand for passenger rail service continues to grow, the improvements announced today will help make passenger train travel to and from London a desirable alternative for thousands of people in the London region.”

Josh Morgan

Mayor of London